Valentine’s Day Guide to Romance

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Every year like clockwork, you see the mass opinions about Valentine’s Day floating around on social media. The sentiments “Valentine’s Day should be everyday” – meaning you should not wait until that one day to show someone you love them – is always at the top of the list. The day being a marketing haven for retailers is also at the top of the list for negative connotations towards Vday. Often people who look at the day with love and favor are the ones in relationships – usually new relationships.  But that shouldn’t be the case. Valentine’s Day should not be the only day to show love ; love should be shown every day. However, it should be a day to turn up your love life up to “extra special.” Forget about the marketed flowers, candy and teddy bears and think about the feeling you really want to evoke from your partner, friend or yourself this Valentine’s Day. I have put together a little list to get you started to Show Love in Confidence:

Perfect Gifts to Give Yourself 

First and foremost, Love Yourself. This goes for both men and women. You can’t be looking for someone else to intimately love you when you don’t love and respect yourself. Learn to love yourself when you are alone. Treat yourself, give yourself gifts and spend time with yourself.  For Vday you can give yourself:

  • That restaurant you wanted to try but keep putting it off
  • That spa you always wanted to go to, but could never find the time
  • That really awesome outfit you have been eyeing but your budget keeps you second guessing it
  • That day off you have been dying for, but things just always seem to pop upwellness-spa-diez-hotel

It’s all about showing yourself some love today, whether you are single or have someone.

Perfect Gifts to Give Your Lady

Personal Touch – this is at the top of my list because most women would prefer something made from you personally above all else – cook a meal, create your own at-home spa and pamper her from head to toe. If you are creative build, draw or write her some love notes or a song. Anything that is unique to her and a unique experience to her, she will love. Trust me.


Weekend Trip– Resorts, Hotels, Spa days are usually a great way to show her how much you are thinking about her needs and your desire to fulfill them this weekend. It’s a time to help her relax, spend time with her, pamper her and make the weekend all about her

Clothing/Lingerie – it’s interesting when a guy spends the time and effort shopping for their lady especially for the special day. Yes she may have a lot of clothing, but the thought of you choosing something you think she would like, as well as something you would love to see her in is sexy to women.You taking the time to specifically look for something that is meant for her, is a beautiful thing.  (last Valentine’s Day I received lingerie. I loved it. I wonder what’s in store this year?)black-and-white-lingerie-model-photo

Jewelry – some women like jewelry. Others – like me- not so much. You need to know what your lady’s preference is before you go spending money on things she has no interest in. You can never go wrong with customized bracelets or necklaces though. Jewelry with a personal touch is always better than just plain jewelry. Some women expect an engagement ring on this day (and a lot of them do receive it). But that’s another blog post. See HERE


Perfect Gifts to Give your Gentlman

I treat my guy special pretty much every day. I like to keep my relationship fresh and full of new surprises so when Valentine’s Day comes around, “special” takes on a new meaning – I have to take it up a notch. If you are a couple who rarely takes time off from every day life, this is your time to show each other some love. Here are some gift choices:

Clothing– you can never go wrong with outfitting your guy in something for the special day. Something both him and yourself would love and is appropriate for the day’s festivities.

Personal Touch – I’m a writer and an artist so I like writing poems and making little craft items. It takes awhile and takes some thought, but it’s worth it when my guy smiles

Tickets to Something – men love to feel special too. Get him tickets to that game, play or movie he really wanted to see. Here in New York it’s All-Star Weekend this year. This would be a perfect treat for your sports guy

Sex – I know this seems cliché but hear me out. No guy turns down sex. If your relationship is awesome, he gets it pretty often already anyway but today is the day for that extra umph. If your relationship has been in a rut, this is the time to turn it up a notch. Personally, I like to give a show. As much as your guy loves you, there’s nothing more sexier to him than “the other side of you,” you know, the you in character, or the you who suddenly starts moving like that woman from the video he’s been hiding to watch. So plan a nice private after party for just the two of you and you put on a production that will be remembered (and longed for) all year round until the next Valentine’s Day (hit me up HERE for some specific ideas)


Perfect Gifts for strangers 

It may seem odd, but you can show a stranger love on Valentine’s Day too. I know we usually reserve our kindness for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but the homeless people are aware that it’s Valentine’s Day and it may be a bit lonely for them as well.

Clothing – (you see clothes works for everyone right?) A nice warm sweater or new shirt will go a long way. It is something functionable that they need and something stylish that will make them feel good.

Food – Make a nice meal and some deserts for a stranger that’s down on their luck. Stick a simple card in the package and if at all possible sit with them while they eat. Let them share their story with you. You never know, you may be the only human contact they may have on this day.  Spread the loveht_random_acts_pasta_2_lb_141201_16x9_992

I hope you make yourself and your loved ones feel extra special today. Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

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