Ladies, does this Image bother You?

by Keishel A. Williams


If yes, have you asked yourself why?

The latest Bugaboo Ad has come under fire for the image of model and mom Ymre Stiekema wearing sexy athletic wear while jogging with her baby in the new Bugaboo Runner. For those not familiar, the Bugaboo Runner is a stroller geared towards active parents so they can take their little ones with them when they go running/jogging. The Ad shows a fit, well toned Stiekema running and pushing her own daughter in the stroller while wearing  a black and white fashionable two piece running wear.  However, this stealthy look seem to have rubbed some women – especially moms – the wrong way.

Sadly, I see this as another demonstration of women taking any opportunity to tear down other women. The outrage could have been understandable if her outfit had nothing to do with the ad; however, athletes and fitness buffs wear similar outfits like Stiekema’s black and white number all the time. The idea that these women are attempting to accuse Bugaboo of doing a horrible promotion because they themselves would not wear this particular outfit to workout is laughable.

Runner is
Runner in “sexy” gear
Athlete in “sexy” gear

Women cry out all the time for fair treatment and to be seen and accepted for who they are – well this is who Stiekema is! Her body is like this because she’s young, active, fit and a model! She spends her time working on that body and was chosen for this ad for this particular reason. Newsflash, not every product or ad is marketed to the stay at home mom who is unfit. This one happens to be marketed to the fit active mom and the moms who would love to be fit and active as well. These women should see Stiekema and be two things: 1. Happy that they have a product they can use to work out and still have their baby with them and 2. Inspired to be as fit as Stiekema if they are not like that already.

It is not Bugaboo’s fault that some women are not proud of their own bodies. Ladies, your issue is not with this company or their ad, but your own insecurities. We as women are fighting daily to be accepted as we are, and if Stiekema and other women like her proudly work out in sexy workout wear, then this should NEVER be an issue. It should be celebrated.

See the rest of the campaign in Vogue Netherlands below:



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