Item of the Month: Audrey Loves Pac

by Keishel A. Williams

Audrey Loves Pac. This image, which has brought together my two favorite people in the world, is cause for celebration. These two ‘fictional lovebirds’ who have created two very different real life legacies came together in one awesome artwork by DL Warfield for his #MYBFisBLK collection. Audrey Hepburn has been a true inspiration for my Modern Classic Woman campaign and her beauty and elegance transcends generations. Tupac Shakur’s own writings and strong views have made him a force to be reckoned with in the early 90s and still influences today’s generation.

This is my Item of the Month pick because the juxtaposition of the energy each of them brings to this image is so inspiring. Such a classic woman sharing a moment with a legend who was known as a thug is not only beautiful, but also provokes a thought process of breaking barriers and definitely warrants our attention. During a quick conversation with Warfield, the artist shared why he paired these two together for this series:

“She was America’s darling and had impeccable style. One of the women from back in the day that white America placed on a pedestal. Pac was Anti-Establishment White America and was looked upon for young black America. Pac and Audrey getting together would have flipped the establishment on its head back in the day. [In] present day America they would make sense and their relationship would be an event.”

This signed artwork entitled “#MYBFisBLK Audrey Loves Pac” can be bought online at the Goldfinger store, where the image also comes on a Love pillow from the #MYBFisBLK collection. According to the artist, this collection is based on America’s views on interracial relationships past and present. It’s certainly exciting to see this series unfold.

What do you think he’s telling her?

#MYBFisBLK Audrey Loves Pac, by DL Warfield

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