The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030

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“The children are our future” is a quote we have all grown up hearing ever so often. However, we are in a new millennium, but still hold some old world thinking. We are at a point in the world where we now have to specify which of our children needs help in pursuing this future. Young women globally have been neglected when it comes to laying the right foundation to guarantee their success. We need to spend more time ensuring that our young girls live a safe and healthy life as well as are given the right to a sound education, and the freedom to pursue her dreams and passions just like her male counterparts: without fear. The theme of International Day of the Girl Child for 2015 is fittingly: The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.

Under this banner, we are fighting to build new opportunities and break down old doors to allow young girls the chance to flourish in life. We are fighting to let the world know that through the right investments, young women will exceedingly contribute to the growth of the social, economic and political spheres. The International Day of the Girl – a United Nations initiative – is a day we should all recognize and do our part to contribute to the success of its Resolution 66/170:  a young girl’s “right to a safe, educated, and healthy life.” It is with great honor that I have committed myself to working vehemently for this cause, and to see that the next 15 years is used to achieve a wealth of equality for young women everywhere. How about you do your part?

International Day of the Girl 2015
International Day of the Girl 2015

“The commitment by the global community to realising the potential of adolescent girls will directly translate into the girls as powerful and positive change agents for their own empowerment, for advancing gender equality and for the sustainable advancement of their nations.” (

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