Top MUST HAVE pieces for Fall 2015

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The last few days in NYC has been a weather fiasco to say the least. As much as I love the Autumn season, the inconsistency of this weather leaves me drained trying to figure out the right balance between warmth and chill as I brave the crisp or cool autumn air. I know I’m not alone in this dilemma, and so it is with great pleasure I share with you my three top MUST HAVE pieces for the perfect Fall wardrobe: blazers, thigh high socks or stockings and boots!

I can’t stress this enough: a well tailored blazer should be a staple in EVERY woman’s closet.

This Rodarte plaid blazer is right on trend for this fall season. I love the contrast leather and wide lapel which gives it a ‘boss lady’ look that can move from day to night at the wearer’s discretion.

Shop blazer at:

Next, let’s look at thigh highs. 

Thigh high stockings allow you to spend a little more time between Summer and Fall and bringing with it that orgasmic scholarly look that’s always a great trend during this season. This is also a very affordable trend because these stockings can be found everywhere, from a Drugstore to H&M. Gossip Girl lovers would certainly adore rocking this Upper East Side look this season!

Shop stockings at:

And finally, the boots!

The love of boots is something only shoe lovers truly understand. This season, the midi boot is your must have footwear. It works well with midi skirts, trousers, jeans, tights, stockings and even the thigh highs we so love! They can be worn as day wear, evening wear or work wear. The transitional ease of this trend is phenomenal.

Shop boots at:

A little extra eye candy that I would appreciate under my tree this Christmas *hint,hint*

Splurge Corner:

Altuzarra Blazer, $2190
Altuzarra Blazer, $2190

This double breasted stripe Altuzarra blazer is worth every penny. The craftsmanship on this beauty is pure poetry. To complete the look, it can be paired with a crisp white wide leg trousers. #heavenly

Check it out on

4 thoughts on “Top MUST HAVE pieces for Fall 2015

  1. Hey ” Boss Lady” I enjoyed reading your blog. Quite informative. I especially like that #1 it is about fashion #2 it is so uncomplicated in its context, even a mediocre fashion enthusiast can concur. I am from the caribbean and our weather patterns are pretty predictable all year round-lots of sunshine and some scattered showers. What fashion recommendations/tips do you have for us regarding the wearing of blazers.


    1. I’m glad you asked. Blazers can be a staple in Caribbean closets as well, however the fabric choice is what would make the difference. I don’t recommend heavy tweeds or hounds tooth etc. Look for lightweight woven blazers (lightweight cotton is nice and you can order at Forever 21) particularly in beautiful colors like steel grey or salmon pink. You can wear to the office (AC safe lol) and for a nice evening out.


  2. I totally agree with your fall must haves. I am a big fan of blazers and midi boots especially for fall because these two fashion staples that can be worn with anything; because it not to hot nor to cold to pull them of.
    I love wearing shorts with a tee and a blazer and I throw on my midi boots making the perfect fall fashion statement.

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