Model Chat with…Crystal Noreiga

Model Agency: Elite NYC, Select London, Premium Paris

I love catching up with my favorite models. Crystal Noreiga is particularly special to me because when she arrived to the U.S from T&T a few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with this humble soul before she was dominating fashion weeks. Discovered on the small island of Trinidad & Tobago, she moved to the United States to pursue a modeling career after winning a local model competition. It’s a pleasure to witness her growth from the nervous little wasp I shot a number of years ago, into a runway goddess! Crystal is currently in Paris taking care of business but was kind enough to give me some time to catch up and let you guys know a bit more about this Gem….

Robert Maxwell photographs New Years’ beauty looks for Real Simple magazine
Real Simple Magazine. Photo by Robert Maxwell

Tell us, how long have you been a professional Model?

I’ve been a professional model for just over four years now.

Most of us know how you got scouted in T&T, but did you anticipate such a successful career and what is the best part about it so far?

At first I just went along with modeling to see where it would take me but I definitely did not think that I would have come this far. One of the best things about this career is definitely the travelling and meeting so many interesting and creative people.

Who are some of your favorite designers to walk for?

Some of my favorite designers who I’ve walked for are Tom Ford, Issey Miyake, Marc Jacobs, Rodebjer, Emmanuel Ungaro, Peter Piloto…just to name a few.

How many shows did you walk in during the last fashion month in September?

Last fashion week I did eleven shows in NYC including Mansur Gavriel, Brooks Brothers,  Frankie B; and eight shows in London including Julian Macdonald, Peter Piloto, Vivienne Westwood. I wasn’t able to make it to Paris because I didn’t get my visa in time.

A lot of people see the glamour, but what is the worst part about being a model?

A downfall to modeling I would say is all of the waiting and uncertainty.

What do you do on your down time?

I just like doing different things with my friends and family on my down time. I think that it’s good to be doing well in your career but time with friends and family is so important that it doesn’t matter too much what we’re doing, just as long as we’re together

Who is your idol or role model, if any?

There are many people who I really admire. For example a model called Grace Mahary, she has worked hard to get to where she is and has made a name for herself.

What would you say is your best feature?

I’d say my eyes.

How would your categorize your personal style?

My personal style definitely varies, but usually I like to be quite comfortable but still chic, or sometimes even boho chic.

Was there any time during your career you were uncomfortable with a [model] request and how did you handle it?

Fortunately I haven’t been in any situations where I’ve felt that way but if I was uncomfortable with something and the client wasn’t receptive of that I would just call my agency and make them aware of the situation.

What are your plans for after modeling?

Not too sure yet. Maybe take some courses/ classes in whatever peaks my interest enough. Right now things are going well with my career and it’s where most of my energy is spent so who know what my future holds.

Where is your favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place to travel to would always be back home to Trinidad, but I do quite like going to London.

Crystal Noriega. Photo - Into the Gloss
Crystal Noriega. Photo – Into the Gloss

A quick game of Would Your Rather…

  1. Doubles or Roti? –  Roti (Umm, hello?)
  2. Pizza or Fried Chicken? – Fried Chicken
  3. Beach or River? – Beach
  4. Soda or Juice? – Juice
  5. Love or Lust? – Love
  6. Curly hair or straight? – Curly

Some of my favorite looks from the beauty!

Emmanuel Ungaro Fall Winter 2015. Photo – Elite NYC
Emanuel Ungaro Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris Edit Post Delete Post New Post Menswear Fall Winter 2015 in Paris
Emanuel Ungaro Fall Winter 2015. Photo – Elite NYC

Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New York
Tom Ford Spring Summer 2015. Photo – Elite NYC
Crystal Noreiga by Marc Hibbert for Volt Café October 2014 -tumblr
Crystal Noreiga by Marc Hibbert for Volt Café October 2014. Photo – Tumblr
obsure models
Photo – Obsure Models

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