Affirmations & Speaking Your Life into Existence


People tend to underestimate the power of affirmations – including myself. The second half of the year 2015 was undeniably a difficult time in my life, and through seeking peace, prosperity and happiness I was advised to continuously “speak things into existence.” Speaking the life you want into existence may seem like a simple task. However, the mind can prove to be difficult in taking orders sometimes. Negative thoughts seem to have a way of taking over your life, especially when you are at your lowest.

Recently, I came across a blog speaking of the curation of author Octavia Butler’s papers for her 10 year death anniversary this year. Butler is an author I’ve read and who’s work I truly admire but I never took the time to explore her legacy. What intrigued me the most was one of her journals that was found which had hand written affirmations from the author herself. Butler seemed to have spoken her entire career into existence!


Octavia Butler
Octavia Butler

Her affirmations included something as big as: “I shall be a bestselling writer…each of my books will be on the bestseller lists of LAT, NYT, PW, WP etc.”

To something as intimate as: “I will get the best of healthcare for my mother and myself.”

One of my personal favorite of her affirmations is: “My books will be read by millions of people. So be it! See to it!”

Octavia Butler Journal
Octavia Butler Journal –

It is no secret that even though she had a difficult start, Butler went on the become a bestseller author many times over and won many awards including becoming the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Fellowship. Certainly a feat which allowed her to travel and afford the best healthcare for her and her mom as she professed she would. It’s Black History Month and I want to dedicate this post to the memory of Ms. Butler, who is not only provided us with cherished books for years to come, but also showed us the power of the spoken word!


My affirmation for today and the rest of my days is simple: “My work will help many women, and I will be happy with my life.”


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