Hello February, I’m Back!



After a couple of months hiatus while on sabbatical in the Caribbean, I am back to face the music during my favorite month of the year – February! It’s New York Fashion Week, Black History (Her-Story) Month, Valentine’s Day and most importantly my birthday this month. So I’m extremely excited to be back as the #BossLady in charge with new ideas, fashion and feminist views to spew. For the next few months, I have the great pleasure of working at a desk where I see the sun rise over the ocean when I awake to write, and the breeze kissing my cheek every time I smile. This makes for great inspiration and I am happy to have each and every one of you along for this new journey. 

Although #NYFW is about to be in full swing in NYC, T&T Carnival is already on the way here in the Caribbean and I’m looking forward to both. After all, fashion and music go hand in hand and I’m excited to embrace the root of my culture! I’ve also opened up both a Twitter and Instagram account so you can follow along as I experience many things for the first time! Find me on both social media accounts @NotesByKW

View From My Desk
View From My Desk


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