6 Fall 2016 Wardrobe Basics

The Fall/Autumn season is the best season to get creative with your wardrobe. Mix and match, high and low, classy and trashy depending on your mood that day. For years fall clothing was usually synonymous with beige colors and dark layers. This year we are using our basics for both functionality and style.


Here are 6 basic items to get your Fall 2016 wardrobe started:

  1. Trench – let’s face it, Fall lovers eagerly await this season to break out the trench coats. No more monotonous outerwear in  beige and black this season and a classic well-tailored trench in an eye catching hue is a great investment.
    Zac Posen, Fall 2016

    2. Boots – Over the knee boots are a favorite of mine because of its versatility. A good pair of tall boots can be paired with dresses, shorts, long denim and more. Suede boots also bring a nice change of tone to your wardrobe which will undoubtedly be filled with leather footwear.

#stuartweitzman the highland
The Highland, Stuart Weitzman


3. Fun Shirt – Ruffles are in! Yes, they are. But if you’re not into this particular trend, opt for other fun shirt that can be paired with a number of items in your closet. However, when it comes to the basics, I usually recommend having at least one fun shirt in black or white.

Cushnie et Ochs
Cushnie et Ochs, Fall 2016


4. Denim – a tried and true staple in every woman’s closet, the denim jeans never loses it’s place on the basics list.  However, this season, let’s toss the skinny legs and add a little more flare to the mix.


Farrah Dark Enzyme Wash Flare-Leg Jeans
Macy’s – Farrah Dark Enzyme Wash Flare-Leg Jeans


5. Watch – you should not leave home without one. In the age of cell phones, some people have little use for watches anymore but ultimately buy them to spice up their accessories collection. But, as it’s getting colder, who wants to struggle to take a cell phone out to check the time, when you can do so on a watch that boldly shows your personality too.



6. Cross Body Bag – a good cross body bag is both fashionable and functional in the colder months. As you can tell by now, I love style that’s feasible. Slipping your hands in and out of one of these bags and still remaining hangs free while on the go is a breeze.




Choker – This is not a basic for your wardrobe, but a little nudge towards this Fall’s most versatile accessory trend.  The style of choker can definitely dress up or dress down your look for this season.



Elaborate Lace Choker
Elaborate Lace Choker

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