From Success to Starting Over with Necole Bitchie

As modern women, we are faced with a plethora of expectations bombarding us on a daily basis. It has become such an issue, whereby it is almost impossible to go a day without seeing an article or post about women burning themselves out trying to be everything to everyone. This is a topic I myself would be exploring as often as possible because it is something that needs to be shared and re-shared as many times as it takes for women to understand: We Are Only Human!

One young woman I have admired for making the leap to find her peace and purpose in contributing positively to society is Necole Kane. I  have followed Necole Kane aka Necole Bitchie aka xoNecole for sometime; from the end of her celebrity website Necole Bitchie, to her rebuilding of her new site xoNecole. I must admit, I was delighted when she decided to refocus her website to something more meaningful from the gossip website she initially had. Of course, like everyone else, I was also surprised at the act of wanting to shut down a widely successful gossip site. But when I read her final post as Necole Bitchie, and the reasons she wanted to refocus her purpose, I got it. Even though she was very successful at her craft, it was eating away at her soul negatively, and despite all the money and the fame, if you have no peace you have nothing. 

Below is her first vlog personally breaking down her journey from success to starting over, which I applaud wholeheartedly. This is a real person, with real feelings and it is time we understand, walking around with a mask to hide our own struggles brings us NO PEACE.  It is time to let women know that people  struggle and it is ok. It is not necessary to try to live up to everyone’s expectations on a daily basis.  Necole, thank you. 



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