Ralph Lauren: The September Collection Facebook Live Review

Fresh off the high of Ralph Lauren’s September Collection, I needed a little breathing space to take in all what I saw before I could put pen to paper – or in this case, fingers to keyboard – for this review.  To save you the suspense: Yes, I absolutely loved this entire collection. No, it had nothing to do with any of the prominent models featured in the show including Kendall Jenner. So here goes:

The Good

As I was unable to personally attend this show, having the brand stream it live on Facebook gave an excitement to fashion that’s fast becoming a trend in the Fashion x Technology world we live in. When I logged onto the Ralph Lauren Facebook live stream a little before 8:30pm, there were more the 3.0K viewers clamoring to see the show. However, half an hour later, when the show started around 9pm, that number dropped to less than 300 viewers. I guess they were impatient. But guess who wasn’t and of course, the half an hour wait was worth it! Before the show started, the live feed showed the beauty of the stage that was set for the highly anticipated show. After all, the brand shut down the Madison Ave streets for this soiree. The show was held right outside the elegant Ralph Lauren Mansion. We saw star power such as Anna Wintour, Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more, sauntered in and mingle while awaiting the start of the show.

The Better

The September Collection embodied American culture like only Ralph Lauren could. Lauren took us to the Western days complete with cowboy hats, Native American Indian tribal prints, and beautifully crafted leather accents.  A number of buffalo checkered shirts and cowboy shirts with tasteful embroidery certainly set the tone for this American classic. Boot cut, well-tailored pants and hints of fringe here and there were my favorites to view. Of course, eveningwear made an appearance and we saw a fusion of sheer elegance and American western classic seamlessly rolling into one. The color palette moved from minimalist earth tones to vibrant colors and shine for the eveningwear, which were also accessorized with nods to western culture.

The September Collection is a second fall collection in addition to the one he showed earlier this year in February. However, this one was made particularly to been shown and bought immediately.

The Best

The best part of this entire experience, well particularly for the show attendees themselves, Lauren right then and there invited everyone to walk into his flagship store to shop the looks immediately. He has certainly one-upped everyone else in the “see now, shop now” department by hosting the show at the store itself! After the veteran designer took his final bow, the curtains of the RL flagship’s newly done window displays, unveiled the items viewers and show attendees alike were just moments before, salivating over. Ralph Lauren is one of the latest brands to adopt the “See now, shop now” model (also referred to as “buy now, wear now” or “see now, buy now”)

Here are a few of my top looks from the collection:







Head on over to www.RalphLauren.com to shop the new collection!





-images by Yannis Vlamos (Vogue)

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