Love Yourself Fearlessly

Falling in love is easy, perhaps that’s why it’s called “falling” in love and not carefully walking into love. Love is an emotion that makes even the meanest person happy, and when someone knows love, that’s always a good thing. But as Valentine’s Day comes around again this year, there is a myriad of emotions that we are surrounded by when we walk out our doors. Long before February makes its presence known stores amp up their advertising, sidewalks are filled with red and pink sale items calling for you to “get them for your special someone,” and of course social media is bombarded with statuses, memes, and videos demonstrating countless acts of love and romance.

Some people are eager for the day, while others…

Like clockwork, people – mostly single women – are publicly denouncing the day or vowing to pursue other anti- Valentine’s plans to protest the day. There are even the public declarations of how love should be celebrated all year round and not just on one day. But what exactly is wrong with having a day particularly for sharing love? The commercialization of the day can be a turn off, admittedly but that shouldn’t be your primary reason for not wanting to celebrate love. Unfortunately, being bitter on this day would not make love go away and certainly wouldn’t get you the presents and attention you’re angry that you won’t receive from “that special someone.” If you find yourself upset every time you see a commercial for jewelry, chocolates or teddy bears you’re an unhappy person, and that’s not ok. Regardless of what negative opinions you may have about Valentine’s Day, the problem in not the day – the problem is you! You are unfulfilled and need to work on making your life wholesome. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, if you’re unable to love yourself and be happy with yourself, you will always be miserable if you need to depend on someone else to make you happy.


So here’s a Woman’s [quick] Guide to Loving Yourself Fearlessly on Valentine’s Day (where you’re single or taken):

Spend some time with Literature- Reading is not only entertaining, but it can also be calming as well as enlightening if you read the right books. Find great books and other literature on self-love that would give you confidence, joy, and motivation to be the best version of yourself and love yourself unconditionally. This book is a great start:51258telyil-_sx331_bo1204203200_


Single or taken, sexy nightwear is a MUST – Buy sexy nightwear to boost your confidence. A confident woman is a sexy woman, and a sexy woman shows no fear! Shop some of my favorites below:

Christalina Big Brief Silver


Celine Lace Detail Chemise


DREAM ANGELS Lace-trim Satin Robe
DREAM ANGELS Lace-trim Satin Robe


Book a Weekend retreat – Time away from your daily life can be the best time do some self-reflection and get to truly know yourself. You can take that book with you up to the cabin with the large fireplace!



Buy meaningful Jewelry – You don’t have wait for someone to buy you jewelry, especially on Valentine’s Day. Get something sentimental for yourself. such as the beautiful Self Love Pinky Ring below:

The Self Love Pinky Ring
The Self Love Pinky Ring


Schedule a photoshoot –  A photo shoot is a great way to create a beautiful gift for yourself! It’s an amazing way to portray a version of yourself you may not see every day. High Fashion, Casual or Boudoir your choice! Just make a scene!


Give some KISSES –  Ok, so on the surface this may not look like a way to love yourself, but it really is. A cute little gift idea is buying a bag of Kisses Chocolates and distributing them to people on Valentine’s Day.  I guarantee you, making someone smile will make you happy and you would love yourself for that act of kindness!








Featured Image by PaleoHacks


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