NYFW’s Political Moments

This season, in the wake of the tumultuous political climate, many designers used this platform to make political statements of their own during their Fall 2017 presentations.  Take a look at the Top Statement Makers this season are: 

 Anniesa Hasibuan:

The Indonesian Muslim designer used her Fall 2017 collection, fittingly entitled “Drama,” to take a stand for immigration rights that are currently being threatened by the Trump administration. This season Hasibuan used this opportunity to cast her entire show with immigrants and second-generation children of immigrants, each who had strong political opinions about the current situation. All donning hijabs, the multi-ethnic cast of political models graced the runway and showcased a collection fit for royalty!

Anniesa Hasibuan Fall 2017
Anniesa Hasibuan Fall 2017
Anniesa Hasibuan Fall 2017
Anniesa Hasibuan Fall 2017              Photo: Getty

Tracey Reese

Reese decided to celebrate the “many facets of womanhood” in this presentation and  enlisted four women poets including – Aja Monet – to read their work as part of the backdrop for this new collection, which was displayed in various rooms sans runway. Monet, dressed in an all black Tracy Reese ensemble read her poetry surrounded by models also in dark, powerful looks, “like a leather dress and a hoodie embroidered with a small crest that read Femina Fortem, or female strength” according to Vogue.com

Poet Aja Monet (center)           Photo: Zimbio
Tracy Reese Fall 2017
Tracy Reese Fall 2017                    Photo: NYMag

Christian Siriano

Siriano is always looking for new ways to shake up the industry and is known for his diversity on and off the runway. This season his show  featured 10 plus-size models, many models of color and a statement Tee with “People Are People” emblazoned on the front.


Christian Siriano Fall 2017
Christian Siriano Fall 2017                       Photo: Vogue.com
Christian Siriano Fall 2017
Christian Siriano Fall 2017              Photo: Vogue.com

Prabal Gurung

With a diverse collection of models, for the finale of his show Gurung sent his army of models out in T-shirts stamped with political slogans such as:  “The Future is Female,” “Revolution has no borders,”  “I am an immigrant,” and my favorite “Nevertheless, she persisted.” The designer told  The Hollywood Reporter of being inspired by the January 21 Women’s March and this was his way of capturing the peaceful resistance that was being done by Gloria Steinem and the movement in the 70s. 

Prabal Gurung, Fall 2017
Prabal Gurung, Fall 2017                  Photo:US Magazine
Designer Prabal Gurung, Fall 2017
Designer Prabal Gurung, Fall 2017                            Photo:Vogue.com


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