No Omission in This Ethereal Space

N.O.T.E.S by KW is the beautiful, ethereal and somewhat eclectic thoughts from the mind of writer, fashion designer and creative director, Keishel A. Williams.

With a passion for fashion, women, and creativity, it’s only fitting that I share this with the world and invite the world to share their Notes with me. I want to have a seamless conversation with my friends, fans and followers about fashion, female culture (and culture in general) and the firestarters of the world – the people who make things happen. These conversations are uninhibited and will provide an insight to my world and journey as a creative, while recognizing the challenges, triumphs and fashionable lifestyles from others.  No Omission in This Ethereal Space (N.O.T.E.S) means honest thoughts and emotions shall not be censored in this space. As  the discussion of fashion and lifestyle topics flow, let’s remember  life is meant to be lived and explored.

From one FireStarter to the next,  let’s use this space to explore life. Everyone has a story to tell and this is my journey…..

~K.W, FireStarter