Identity Matters

I call myself an artist now. Not that this was never not true. But generally, when the label ‘artist’ is tossed around, it’s usually an attribution given to those who produce drawings and paintings first and foremost — like my father, who is himself, a painter in the fine arts genre. For the past few years when people would ask, I would say to them … Continue reading Identity Matters

Why I Chose to Return to Writing for Passion

Earlier this week, during an amazing ‘women in leadership’ talk,  my long-term mentor said to a group of women leaders at the United Nations: “This is the fourth version of myself.” This declaration of self-realization stuck with me as I rushed back to my workspace after the talk to interview a woman for a story I am working on. With those words in mind, I … Continue reading Why I Chose to Return to Writing for Passion

How I Found Peace after becoming the Heroine of my own story

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Perhaps the desire to be needed is what drives most women, especially black women. The desire to be needed particularly by men seems to be ingrained into us from birth:  we pamper, cajole, protect and save our men daily. And why not? We have the innate ability to do so, now we are surrounded by broken, dependent men. During the year that has … Continue reading How I Found Peace after becoming the Heroine of my own story

Making Your Mark

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Change is constant and this summer in Brooklyn has forced me to reflect on the innumerable changes this borough has undertaken in recent years, much like myself.  As one of the most recognized places in the world, Brooklyn has created a strong imprint culminating from the savory mix of cultures you can find here. Its growth from the crime-ridden cautionary tale to … Continue reading Making Your Mark

xo Learning to Love

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” Author Nicholas Sparks really captured the essence of this emotion in a few shorts words. No surprise there, after all, he wrote “The Notebook,” one of the greatest contemporary love stories of our generation. It took me a little while to gather my thoughts on this subject, not … Continue reading xo Learning to Love

New Brooklyn Chic


 Let’s talk Easter in Brooklyn! Easter has always been one of the more relaxed holidays for me. Although growing up in the Caribbean Easter meant some extra housework (like at Christmas) and pastel colored dresses with ‘nice’ shoes, as a Brooklyn Girl my style AND lifestyle has surely taken a different turn living in New York City. I often opt out of the cute pastel dresses for dark skirts and I usually forego the ‘nice’ shoes for some sexy boots.  I love Spring and more importantly, I love a great Spring wardrobe! The weather is warmer with a little nip of chill air from time to time, which allows for the ultimate seasonal cross-over of boots and mini skirts. The warmer weather also gives one liberty to go exploring in the neighborhood!

This Easter weekend I’m out on the town soaking up that New Brooklyn lifestyle, where we’re still in a nebulous state as cultures merge and start to take form. I’m a huge proponent of merging cultures as I like to learn and explore new things, and from the looks of it, Crown Heights is fast becoming a budding version of the East Village. It’s nice to be able to absorb all that art and culture right in my backyard.  From the foods to the fashion, the New Brooklyn lifestyle is taking on a life of its own and now it’s a bit more like me – a mixture of rugged and chic! Enjoy!



Happy Easter!!!



Continue reading “New Brooklyn Chic”

Hello February, I’m Back!

  After a couple of months hiatus while on sabbatical in the Caribbean, I am back to face the music during my favorite month of the year – February! It’s New York Fashion Week, Black History (Her-Story) Month, Valentine’s Day and most importantly my birthday this month. So I’m extremely excited to be back as the #BossLady in charge with new ideas, fashion and feminist … Continue reading Hello February, I’m Back!