The Power of the Adolescent Girl

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Recently I was rereading Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and discussing it with a group of college Freshmen.  For those unfamiliar, “Girl” is a powerful prose where the protagonist is listing a series of duties and responsibilities to her daughter, with the understanding that should she be able to do those things adequately, only then she would be considered a woman. The essay was … Continue reading The Power of the Adolescent Girl

New Brooklyn Chic


 Let’s talk Easter in Brooklyn! Easter has always been one of the more relaxed holidays for me. Although growing up in the Caribbean Easter meant some extra housework (like at Christmas) and pastel colored dresses with ‘nice’ shoes, as a Brooklyn Girl my style AND lifestyle has surely taken a different turn living in New York City. I often opt out of the cute pastel dresses for dark skirts and I usually forego the ‘nice’ shoes for some sexy boots.  I love Spring and more importantly, I love a great Spring wardrobe! The weather is warmer with a little nip of chill air from time to time, which allows for the ultimate seasonal cross-over of boots and mini skirts. The warmer weather also gives one liberty to go exploring in the neighborhood!

This Easter weekend I’m out on the town soaking up that New Brooklyn lifestyle, where we’re still in a nebulous state as cultures merge and start to take form. I’m a huge proponent of merging cultures as I like to learn and explore new things, and from the looks of it, Crown Heights is fast becoming a budding version of the East Village. It’s nice to be able to absorb all that art and culture right in my backyard.  From the foods to the fashion, the New Brooklyn lifestyle is taking on a life of its own and now it’s a bit more like me – a mixture of rugged and chic! Enjoy!



Happy Easter!!!



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The Definition of a Power Couple

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Fresh out of Black History month and right into Women’s History Month, we find many ways to celebrate unity and love in the purest sense of the words. In this high political climate no one can deny that there has been an added layer of pressure to become our best selves lately and show ‘the man’ what we are made of. And … Continue reading The Definition of a Power Couple

#ModernEtiquette Series –  Who’s Texting You at 1am?

Recently I had to school a male colleague of mine in what I assumed to be common knowledge. Almost 1:00am in the morning, this guy saw it fit to text me asking about a dinner I attended the previous day. What is wrong with this picture some may ask? Well let me explain: contacting someone, especially of the opposite sex, “after hours” – commonly agreed … Continue reading #ModernEtiquette Series –  Who’s Texting You at 1am?

World AIDS Day: Hands Up for HIV Prevention

December 1st is not only the first day of the last month in the year, but it is also a very important day: World AIDS Day.  We’ve all heard the saying: Prevention is better than cure. This year, UNAIDS is looking at more preventative strategies and identifying key groups vulnerable to HIV, which at the present moment are adolescent girls and young women. This year’s theme … Continue reading World AIDS Day: Hands Up for HIV Prevention

International Day of the Girl: Let’s keep fighting!

  With 1.1 billion girls and counting, we do need to strongly keep fighting to address prominent issues young girls are facing daily, which truly stands in the way of their progress and the progress of the world.  Every year on October 11, we celebrate our young girls and shine a light on the importance of providing opportunities for young women all over the world … Continue reading International Day of the Girl: Let’s keep fighting!

2016 Essence Street Style Block Party: Love & Fashion

The 3rd annual Essence Street Style Block Party was the perfect punctuation of  melanin style during this #NYFW season. There was a wave of love and excitement in the air. Everyone was happy and really enjoying life.  The vendors, the music, the families that came out, and all the entertainment held a high energy that kept us going all evening. I was there for the fashion, but … Continue reading 2016 Essence Street Style Block Party: Love & Fashion

Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know

By Pamela Redmond Satran A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE… enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to… A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE… something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour… A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE… a youth she’s content to leave behind… A WOMAN … Continue reading Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know

The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “The children are our future” is a quote we have all grown up hearing ever so often. However, we are in a new millennium, but still hold some old world thinking. We are at a point in the world where we now have to specify which of our children needs help in pursuing this future. Young women globally have been … Continue reading The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030