Why Challenging our Elders should be a Mandatory Lesson for Young Women

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS “You weren’t even born yet when I started doing this,” Mr. Showbiz (fake name of course) snarled at me as I sat editing a script with the intent to make the “talent” happy and still convey the intended message. With pursed lips and a rigid tongue, my grandmother’s words echoed in my head as he walked across the studio to chat with … Continue reading Why Challenging our Elders should be a Mandatory Lesson for Young Women

Making Your Mark

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Change is constant and this summer in Brooklyn has forced me to reflect on the innumerable changes this borough has undertaken in recent years, much like myself.  As one of the most recognized places in the world, Brooklyn has created a strong imprint culminating from the savory mix of cultures you can find here. Its growth from the crime-ridden cautionary tale to … Continue reading Making Your Mark

Model Chat with…Crystal Noreiga

Model Agency: Elite NYC, Select London, Premium Paris I love catching up with my favorite models. Crystal Noreiga is particularly special to me because when she arrived to the U.S from T&T a few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with this humble soul before she was dominating fashion weeks. Discovered on the small island of Trinidad & Tobago, she moved to the … Continue reading Model Chat with…Crystal Noreiga

Spring 2016: Work Wear Chic Runway Looks

Although street style has fast become one of the main attractions for fashion weeks, my interest has always stayed tried and true to what the runway has to offer. If I dare say, Street Style has become less about genuine uniqueness and more about who can create the most over the top looks for the cameras. So it is will pleasure I refocus this Fashion … Continue reading Spring 2016: Work Wear Chic Runway Looks