Identity Matters

I call myself an artist now. Not that this was never not true. But generally, when the label ‘artist’ is tossed around, it’s usually an attribution given to those who produce drawings and paintings first and foremost — like my father, who is himself, a painter in the fine arts genre. For the past few years when people would ask, I would say to them … Continue reading Identity Matters

Van der Vlugt “Yes” Collection

Originally published on November 25, 2013 in print issue of Metro Magazine. Thinking about Bridal Wear in the Caribbean may often leave one to envision more flowers and sheer fabric than needed. But what if I tell you there’s a Caribbean designer who can soon be hailed as the Vera Wang of the Caribbean? Van der Vlugt (VdV)  can soon be a name synonymous with … Continue reading Van der Vlugt “Yes” Collection

Is this the best T&T had to offer Vogue?

Originally published on January 28, 2014 in print issue of Metro Magazine. Without a doubt, Trinidad and Tobago have some of the most talented people in the Caribbean. The festive island produces great entertainers, artists, intellects, and phenomenal people altogether. Therefore, establishing a dynamic threshold for fashion creatives should not be a problem right? When attempting to establish Port-of-Spain as the fashion capital city of … Continue reading Is this the best T&T had to offer Vogue?

Caribbean’s Next Top Model -The Athletes

Being a Top Model fan from the inception of the America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) franchise in 2003, until it began to lose it’s appeal before even reaching season 16 in 2011, knowing that there’s a Caribbean version of the show out here is enough to make a girl giddy.  It was amazing to see model hopefuls vie for a challenging but rewarding career as … Continue reading Caribbean’s Next Top Model -The Athletes

2016 Essence Street Style Block Party: Love & Fashion

The 3rd annual Essence Street Style Block Party was the perfect punctuation of  melanin style during this #NYFW season. There was a wave of love and excitement in the air. Everyone was happy and really enjoying life.  The vendors, the music, the families that came out, and all the entertainment held a high energy that kept us going all evening. I was there for the fashion, but … Continue reading 2016 Essence Street Style Block Party: Love & Fashion