Journey with Mother

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS I call her Mother. Not Mom, Ma, Mommy, Mama or Mimi – Mother! The tone in which I utter that word is a reminder of the journey my mom and I endured to get to where we are today. The Mother-Daughter relationship can be a complex one, and we’ve all had those intermittent moments when we wonder  “Are you even my mother?” … Continue reading Journey with Mother

Ladies, does this Image bother You?

by Keishel A. Williams If yes, have you asked yourself why? The latest Bugaboo Ad has come under fire for the image of model and mom Ymre Stiekema wearing sexy athletic wear while jogging with her baby in the new Bugaboo Runner. For those not familiar, the Bugaboo Runner is a stroller geared towards active parents so they can take their little ones with them when … Continue reading Ladies, does this Image bother You?