Van der Vlugt “Yes” Collection

Originally published on November 25, 2013 in print issue of Metro Magazine. Thinking about Bridal Wear in the Caribbean may often leave one to envision more flowers and sheer fabric than needed. But what if I tell you there’s a Caribbean designer who can soon be hailed as the Vera Wang of the Caribbean? Van der Vlugt (VdV)  can soon be a name synonymous with … Continue reading Van der Vlugt “Yes” Collection

Review: R. Kelly Fails to Shine at RedLight Concert Series

Originally published on November 04, 2013 in print issue of Metro Magazine. When promoters Chase Parson and Collin Abraham presented their RedLight Concert Series to the Trinidad and Tobago population, it was met with great anticipation by some and minor apprehension by others. The headliners for the first concert of this series were Ne-Yo and R.Kelly, but Ne-Yo’s reputation for not showing up to previous … Continue reading Review: R. Kelly Fails to Shine at RedLight Concert Series

Naballah Chi, Muslimah Cover Girl

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS The proliferation of Muslimah fashion has been a steady trend recently, but Trinidadian fashion blogger Naballah Chi has been at the forefront of this wave for a number of years now, and all of her hard work is paying off. The fashion blogger – who is also Muslim – has been blogging since 2003 and has since been featured in international press … Continue reading Naballah Chi, Muslimah Cover Girl

Caribbean’s Next Top Model – Feet off the Ground

Another week, another physical challenge for the ladies vying for the title of Caribbean’s Next Model. Last week they felt the burn and ran through the paces like an American footballer, and this week they faced the true model challenge of having to acknowledge the movements of their own bodies. A model needs to understand her body as much as she needs to understand her environment … Continue reading Caribbean’s Next Top Model – Feet off the Ground

Trinidad and Tobago, the Sinking Ship for Women

by KEISHEL A. WILLIAMS Over the past two weeks, one thing has been made clear: the authority figures of Trinidad and Tobago consistently add fuel to the fire that is burning down their country. With the steady, almost daily increase of violence against women, citizens find themselves habitually questioning the direction of the country and what measures can and should be taking place for the safety … Continue reading Trinidad and Tobago, the Sinking Ship for Women

Hello February, I’m Back!

  After a couple of months hiatus while on sabbatical in the Caribbean, I am back to face the music during my favorite month of the year – February! It’s New York Fashion Week, Black History (Her-Story) Month, Valentine’s Day and most importantly my birthday this month. So I’m extremely excited to be back as the #BossLady in charge with new ideas, fashion and feminist … Continue reading Hello February, I’m Back!

Model Chat with…Crystal Noreiga

Model Agency: Elite NYC, Select London, Premium Paris I love catching up with my favorite models. Crystal Noreiga is particularly special to me because when she arrived to the U.S from T&T a few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with this humble soul before she was dominating fashion weeks. Discovered on the small island of Trinidad & Tobago, she moved to the … Continue reading Model Chat with…Crystal Noreiga