Why I Chose to Return to Writing for Passion

Earlier this week, during an amazing ‘women in leadership’ talk,  my long-term mentor said to a group of women leaders at the United Nations: “This is the fourth version of myself.” This declaration of self-realization stuck with me as I rushed back to my workspace after the talk to interview a woman for a story I am working on. With those words in mind, I … Continue reading Why I Chose to Return to Writing for Passion

Affirmations & Speaking Your Life into Existence

  People tend to underestimate the power of affirmations – including myself. The second half of the year 2015 was undeniably a difficult time in my life, and through seeking peace, prosperity and happiness I was advised to continuously “speak things into existence.” Speaking the life you want into existence may seem like a simple task. However, the mind can prove to be difficult in … Continue reading Affirmations & Speaking Your Life into Existence

Hello February, I’m Back!

  After a couple of months hiatus while on sabbatical in the Caribbean, I am back to face the music during my favorite month of the year – February! It’s New York Fashion Week, Black History (Her-Story) Month, Valentine’s Day and most importantly my birthday this month. So I’m extremely excited to be back as the #BossLady in charge with new ideas, fashion and feminist … Continue reading Hello February, I’m Back!